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Unpleasant but true. In 75 years of their working, banks have failed to address more than 15% credit needs of the urban population globally.

Given the lack of adequate financial track record, the majority are not getting access to credit at a rate that is moderate and serviceable. At i-LEND, we believe the availability of credit should not be limited by narrow workflow walls. We are India’s first technology-driven marketplace for loans, redefining the conventional lending -borrowing model.

Revolutionizing the Indian money market, i-LEND has made access to credit at affordable rates of interest a reality by building a platform for people to strike an ideal deal. The various viable lending options provided by i-LEND has opened new avenues for lenders to effectively manage their financial portfolio.

i-LEND charges a fixed transaction fee for the services it offers. Since the transactions are directly between the members, lenders earn high returns and borrowers get low-rate loans.


Peer-to-Peer Lending

Better way to
borrow and lend money

P2P lending is an alternative lending-borrowing model to traditional financial institutions. The concept allows individuals to borrow and lend money directly to each other and benefit from a transaction (done online) that is financially rewarding for both the parties – low cost loans starting at 12% for borrowers and greater returns for lenders upto 24%.

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