Shankar Vaddadi
Founder & Director

Shankar comes with wide ranging experience across diverse industries - from technology to engineering with proven track record of delivering year-on-year success for last 20 years. Prior to this, Shankar was with TVS Electronics as Senior Vice President; and helped shape Bartronics as VP and Senior VP - Corporate Strategy and Development.

Shankar has extensive knowledge in building products and brands. He also helped build success stories for two IPOs, acquisitions of over USD 50 M, post-acquisition integration and consolidation.



Niti Gupta
Founder & Head - Operations

Niti is an engineer with an MBA from T.A.Pai Management Institute, Manipal. She started her career as a Product Manager with TVS Electronics. She has been instrumental in launching the Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) division of TVS Electronics which is Rs. 40 Cr business today.

Her work involved from conceptualization to Go-to-Market for POS products (fully integrated POS units & POS Peripherals) including product branding, channel sales, branding and marketing. Niti also has experience in marketing & communication and preparing business plans for new opportunities in various roles during her stint with two other companies in Textiles



BalaRamaKrishnan Tanjore
Vice President

BalaRamaKrishnan Tanjore who usually go by Bala is originally from Southern Part of India and has a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Dalarna University, Sweden and have been developing successful products in BFS, HealthCare, Retail and Ecommerce verticals for almost all of his professional career , he had a chance to work with big players in BFS & e commerce industry like Bank Of America,Chase Mobile ,Walgreens & Tesco  both in Europe and North America.

When it comes to the technology side of the business, he has basically seen all sides of the industry over the years. Hisversatile gamut of experiences include

Big Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing,Machine Learning,Enterprise Mobile ApplicationDevelopment,IOT , Cloud Infrastructure and techno-commercial areas. He is also an Enterprise mobility expert with years of continuous experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) / machine-to-machine (M2M) industry and all its vertical applications.

He was an Entrepreneur and co-founded a mobile social gaming company named Mobile Experts Group in  early stages of his career . He has also worked with Fortune 100 companies like Apple and Savant and held highest positions on the technical front.