Improve chances of getting good
Tips that will help create effective loan listings

Getting a loan largely depends on repayment capability. Here at i-lend, there's an additional opportunity to communicate more with lenders and put forward a better picture of creditworthiness. Borrowers can share as much information as they want to make listings more effective to drive more lenders to offer a loan. No information is publicly shared and visibility is restricted to registered lenders only.

  • Provide complete details

Provide complete information including details such as financial status, achievements, hobbies, background, work, past track record and ability to repay a loan. This will help lenders make favorable decisions to lend to you.

  • Clarify lenders doubts

Answer all questions and try to alleviate any concern lenders may have. These answers can also be made available for others to see.

  • Explain the purpose of the loan and why should they lend

Be precise and clear while explaining the need for the loan. Avoid long messages. Explain in detail the financial capability to pay off EMIs and supporting info such as income, savings, expenses and credit history (credit cards and other bills' payments).

  • Share pictures

Make a positive impact by sharing your pictures. An image along with your details will assure the lender of your authenticity.