Borrowing money
Register and get verified
Create listing and approach
Finalize terms, confirm loan
and get the loan amount
Here's how you do it

Loan Application Process

  • Create your loan account by duly filling in all sections of the application
  • Post verification, state your requirement on the borrower listing with all relevant details
  • Discuss and finalize terms with your lender and receive the loan amount

Loan Eligibility Criteria

To become a borrower on i-lend, you should be/have

  • An Indian Resident
  • At least 21 years old
  • Min. monthly income of Rs.20,000 (salaried), Rs. 40,000 (self-employed)
  • Valid government issued identity proof
  • Income proof
  • Valid bank account


Borrowers are required to submit following documents during verification stage.

ID Proof (any one required)

Age Proof (any one required)

Signature Proof (any one required)

Address Proof (any one required)


Employment Proof (any one required)

Income Proof (any one required)

Bank Statement

Contact Details Proof (any one required)