Responsible borrowing

For a borrower, it is essential to understand and evaluate the necessity of borrowing, at all times. Even in case of peer-to-peer borrowing or online money borrowing, a borrower needs to perform an unbiased background check to validate the need of a loan. To avail small personal loans from people, P2P lending can be a good platform, as loan procurement is easy and at lower interest rates. However, it’s the urgency of the situation that corroborates the requirement of a loan.

Understanding the affordability factor plays a crucial role in ensuring responsible borrowing. Before taking a loan, you need to evaluate factors like, the amount required to borrow, how much can be affordable without creating a credit burden. It is also necessary to ensure that all bills, debts and expenses need to be less than your income and that you have a buffer for a rainy day. While it is comparatively easy to procure low interest personal loans, the real test is in your ability to repay the loan within the stipulated time frame.


Explore all options

P2P lending has evolved as a platform of choice when it comes to availing small personal loans. Lesser rates, easy procurement process and the option to interact with lenders, make it smooth and user friendly. While on one hand borrowers can pitch for loans to interested lenders, on the other hand lenders enjoy the freedom to choose creditworthy borrowers.

However, before applying for a loan, it’s good to understand the borrower agreement fully. Analyze the underlying clauses and evaluate it against your current situation. Would it over burden you? Would the loan be a liability? Or the terms are simple enough to comply with? Interest rates, payment terms, duration, additional fees, you need to carefully find out details about any such criteria.

The key to successful loan procurement and repayment lies in being a ‘responsible borrower'.


The Art of responsible borrowing

The credibility of a borrower depends on his/her adherence to the borrower agreement. A creditworthy borrower, with a strong financial background and clear records is always favored by lenders. Thus being a responsible borrower is vital when it comes to availing quick loans.


Here are some tips which can assure responsible borrowing:

Always stay on schedule

Ensure that you do not miss any payment, for it can have serious repercussions on your credibility as a borrower. However, in case you are forced to delay your payments, do inform the lenders and discuss the best possible solution

Pay whenever you can

If you have the ability to pay off the dues, its best to clear it. The sooner you clear, the better it is for you

Be clear and be sure

Share your complete details with the lenders. Explain the purpose of the loan and why they should lend to you. This will establish his/her faith in you and make your profile authentic and strong