Deal with a group of
Need to raise money from someone you know?
Want to invest in a colleague who needs money?
Looking to borrow or invest within a group?
Here’s how i-lend can help you

Group Lend facilitates safe borrowing and investing practices within a group or a community of known people. You can now connect with your colleagues, friends, relatives, alumni, local community or members from your fan club and reach out to them during the times of financial needs and emergencies.

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So be it your company's
or one related to your
community, find it and join it.

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Want to start a new group
and invite people? Go ahead
and create it!

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Loans with interest

Get loans at cheaper rates
from your peers and earn
returns when you invest.

Safe & easy

While borrowing or investing,
when you know who the
people are, it's safer!