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Get Higher Returns Compared To Savings A/C

Boost your savings by lending money to people who qualify through i-LEND and earn returns up to 30%.
You can now lend as low as Rs. 10,000 and at interest rates that you decide on.

Earn monthly

Get repaid every month through EMIs.

Absolute Transparency

The process involves gaining access to borrowers' complete information and documents and then select from the list of creditworthy borrowers who are scrutinized through our proprietary Credit Scoring.

How It Works

How It Works


Peer to Peer Lending India - P2P Investment with High Interest

i-lend is an online lending marketplace in India connecting creditworthy borrowers with individual lenders looking to get higher returns on their idle cash.
Our registered lenders currently earn upto 24% returns through monthly EMIs. You can start lending with as low as Rs.10,000!
Peer loans are the only asset class that offer monthly cash flow today to lenders online.

Who and what are you lending for

i-lend gives you access to a pool of creditworthy borrowers who you can lend money to. These borrowers go through a strict verification criteria including verification of their ID, address, employment, income and contact details. Only those borrowers who meet our stringent criteria get approved for
loan listing. You as lender can then make loan offers online to such borrowers and fund either partial or full loans
of these borrowers. You can lend to borrowers for any of the purposes listed below: