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Home Furnishing / Appliances

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Your available balance: `20,000 Add Funds

Rohit Kapoor

Listing Status : Open
Verification Status : Approved
Loan Amount : `55,000
Duration : 6 Months
Interest Rate : 16.00 %
Expected EMI : `9,599
% Funded :
need `45,000 more

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  • Closed: Loan has been received
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Verification Status

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Funded so far

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Purpose of Loan

My ancestral house is in need of renovation. The loan will be used for painting the house and fixing some broken doors and windows. The amount required is for purchasing the paint and labour charges for the painters and carpenters.

Why should you lend to me

I have been living in my ancestral house for the last 25 years. This property has been with us for the last 60 years. I now live here with my parents, wife and kids. I have been married for 6 years and I have a 4 year old daughter. I am a salaried individual and have been working as a software developer. I have been with my current employer for the last 4 years. I am very happy with my current job and my employer is also very happy with my work. I believe that I am a very stable, independent person and believe in building relationships. My wife is also working as a HR manager in an FMCG company. With double income, our household is financially comfortable. But we would like to borrow money so that we do not part with large liquid cash immediately. I have been living in Hyderabad for the last 30 years and I plan to live in this city only. Most of my relatives live here and it helps us to be close with each other.

My Financial Status

Monthly Income : `75,000
Monthly Expenses : `40,000

Two-Wheeler : Yes (Self-Financed)
Car : Yes (Financed)
House : Yes (Self-Financed)
Land : Yes (Financed)
House Rent
House Hold
Food & Groceries
School Fee
Medical expenses
Fuel Expenses
Home Loan EMI
Other EMI

Other Details

Professional Details

Company Name : ABC Sotware Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Company Type : Private Limited Company
Industry : KPO / Research / Analytics / IT
Employment Type : Salaried
Designation : Senior Consultant
Company Website : --
Experience : 6 Years 7 Months
No. of Job Changes : 2

Personal Details

Gender : Male Age : 30 Marital Status : Married

Education Details

Qualification : Graduation - B.Arch / B.E / B.Tech
Institution : IIT , Delhi
Graduation Year : 2005

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