Know your

Who am I lending to?

  • Creditworthy individuals who
    are verified by us
  • Young internet savvy working
  • Individuals with stable income and clear
    track record
How to assess borrower’s creditworthiness?
Select profiles with full details

Look for profiles that have complete information. This will help you understand lending prospects completely before making a decision.

Understand borrower’s requirement

Read the ‘Purpose of Loan’ section carefully and evaluate how a borrower plans to use the money.


Borrowers are given a chance to communicate and explain why they think they’re creditworthy.

Financial Status

Details such as borrowers’ monthly income and expenses and info about other commitments such as ongoing EMIs gives a clear picture of the ability to pay EMI each month. For other loan commitments, i-lend checks borrower’s bank records before confirming details.

Read the ‘extra’ information

Personal details, marital status, job profile, work experience, job changes, etc. The more information, the better it is!

Ask questions, get answers

Ask questions before lending to a borrower. Get in touch with them through the ‘Question and Answer’ section.