Why You Need a Calculator to Calculate Your Returns On Investment in FD

27-Feb-17 | Posted by i-lend.

Some of the best investment options out there are the ones that get the most flak. Case in po...

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How MCLR will Affect your Home Loan Interest Rate?

16-Jan-17 | Posted by i-lend.

The base rate system was introduced by the Reserve Bank of India in July 2010.Based on this, banks and NBFCs were not allowed to lend below a certain threshold, to ensure that change in interest rate was effectively transmitted to customers. However, banks and NBFCs adopted various other methods to calcul...

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P2P / Social Lending Business and Same Business Aggregators

21-Jul-16 | Posted by i-lend.

P2P Lending marketplaces are emerging all over the world and are presently one of the hottest sectors. This innovation has now impacted various other related categories where transactions between individuals are probable and have a need to structure for the comfort, security and credibility of the innovation. ...

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Updates from i-lend

06-May-17 | Posted by i-lend.

We the folks at www.i-lend.in have been working hard over the last few months to improve your experience with i-lend and also to provide several tools, information and resources to improve your credit decisioning . Some of the most important features that are be...

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Why P2P lending must be part of your investment portfolio?

14-Aug-15 | Posted by i-lend.

In a country like India where asset classes are few and are tightly managed from a risk return perspective, not many asset classes exist where your investment / lending decision is the key reason for continued return without any market place, economic or other...

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How i-lend is democratizing loans.

14-Jun-15 | Posted by i-lend.

P2P lending has just entered India and is slowly getting accepted as a viable, return generating asset class from lenders both Individuals and Institutions. i-lend has recently finished tying up with an Institutional lender ( NBFC ) which is going to offer loans to the borrowers requesting for...

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Responsible Lending Principles

22-Jun-17 | Posted by i-lend.

A lender's prerogative

An online peer-to-peer lending platform gives umpteen opportunities to a lender for making smart investment decisions that promise great returns within a short span of time. Over the period of time P2P lending has become the chosen platform for low cost short tem loans. With easy procurement an...

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Responsible Borrowing

22-Jun-17 | Posted by i-lend.

Start from the beginning

For a borrower, it is essential to understand and evaluate the necessity of borrowing, at all times. Even in case of peer-to-peer borrowing or online money borrowing, a borrower needs to perform an unbiased background check to validate the need of a loan. To avail small personal loans from p...

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Importance of a good borrower profile

07-Apr-14 | Posted by i-lend.

The Borrower’s Story

When it comes to taking a loan, a borrower has multiple options available - Banks, financial institutes, chit funds, credit cards, money lenders etc. Though as easy as it might sound, procuring a loan can be a tedious task. Given the stringent rules laid down by every institution, a borrow...

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How important is your CIBIL Score?

18-Mar-14 | Posted by i-lend.

What’s your Credit score?

Remember the advertisement on television, about how important your CIBIL score is? Or while applying for a bank loan, you must have come across the term CIBIL credit score. Now, many might wonder what exactly is a CIBIL score and how does it relate to bank loans? Well, your credit sco...

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