P2P lending returns on loans

How to make money through i-lend, India’s leading Peer-to-Peer Lending platform?

We do often lend money to friends, colleagues and relatives at no extra charge. However, there is always a bit of ‘reluctance’ from our end when asked for money. Questions we ask ourselves – “are they going to repay”, “what if they don’t” and “what about asking for interest on amount lent?” These are just a few of the concerns we all have. It isn’t unnatural!

Question: Lending money to strangers?

What if a stranger asks for money? It’s obvious we don’t know them and don’t even respond to such requests. But, a closer look at our banks and financial institutions shows how they lend money to complete strangers through loans on interest and drive income by lending money to people. Banks make a killing on interest arbitrage, which simply means; they raise money at lower costs and lend loans on interest rates much higher. Can you do the same? Would you trust complete strangers and lend money to them? What if there is a similar infrastructure to do it; a peer-to-peer lending platform giving loans on interest, does credit analysis and finally enables collection mechanism in case loans should go into bad mode.

The Answer is ‘YES’

i-lend facilitates peer-to-peer lending and does all the required work just like a bank does on behalf of you, like physical verification of the borrowers, scrutinizing the borrowers for accuracy of their data, their job, income and other loans they may have and also assign credit rating to a potential borrower and finally, it puts together the collection apparatus similar to what banks have. Getting greater loans on interest rates much lower, made easy through peer-to-peer lending. You can now lend to your peers by providing loans on interest at i-lend.in and have it repaid regularly (every month) just as how people pay to the banks