Why P2P lending must be part of your investment portfolio?

In a country like India where asset classes are few and are tightly managed from a risk return perspective, not many asset classes exist where your investment / lending decision is the key reason for continued return without any market place, economic or other trade issues.


For instance you can invest or save through SB’s MFI’ etc or go to the other end of the spectrum into the stock market, commodities or other such instruments. While returns of the latter are high so could their risks and in the absence of transparency policies across these sectors and cause and impact difficult to determine it becomes a lottery. This is where P2P lending market places score over such instruments or asset classes.


When lending through a P2P Marketplace you are sure that you are lending to a real individual who has fulfilled the borrowing criteria established by the platform.


Second the money comes to you periodically as in month on month offering liquidity you desire in small tranches.


Thirdly the returns on P2P loans presently on www.i-lend.in is between 16% to 20.75% when lending to credit worthy borrowers who are verified.


Finally you are your own credit manager or investment manager as the case may be and you will be completely in charge of the decision. You will not be giving your money to a fund manager or a broker to invest on your behalf, you will make the call yourself and the return profit hits your bank account month on month till your loan is fully repaid.


This doesn’t mean that on www.i-lend.in there is no risk of default, when lending money there is always a risk of default but it is how www.i-lend.in mitigates this risk is what makes lending through www.i-lend.in a good investment decision. www.i-lend.in ensures that the loan is monitored during its tenure and also helps you recover a default by engaging the services of a collection agency which will also file a section 138 against the borrower for bouncing the cheque.