Is P2P lending safe?

You may be asking yourself, “Is P2P lending safe?” It is a fairly new investment market, and there are still many questions about the process, ROI and security. i-lend understands the needs of both the lender and borrower and, we have built our policies around addressing your concerns. We aim to make P2P lending as safe and as easy as possible.

For the lender, i-lend has several features and safety precautions to be sure your funds are legitimately lent. Through a detailed and extensive process, borrowers are thoroughly vetted to minimize the risk of loan defaults, missed and late payments. Before committing to lend any amount, we recommend you ask as many questions as needed until you feel comfortable with your lending in any given company. We have a contact feature as part of our system that makes this easy. Ask questions about the purpose of the loan, repayment capability and borrower background before lending.

In lending, there is always the risk of late or missed installment payments. i-lend borrowers carry minimal risk, but we have also put lender features in place to set your mind at ease. In case a borrower is late on a payment, a late fee is charged and transferred to the lender. Missed payments are treated very seriously. We take care of collections activities on your behalf to work out arrangements and get the borrower back on track with making payments. In the rare and worst case scenario of a borrower continuing to miss payments, legal action is taken.

i-lend makes sure all lending agreements are legally bound to repayment. This is assure that our lenders are always covered. Even in the unlikely event that i-lend would end its services, the repayment agreement is a legal, binding contract. Borrowers would continue to makes payments through our system and we would transfer the funds to you.

Our goal at i-lend is to provide a safe, secure and simple marketplace to connect willing lenders with borrowers. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, i-lend is here to help you anyway we can.

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