Do you need a low interest personal loan?

You need a loan, but going through the hassle of dealing with a bank does not look good. You do not have the collateral they want to begin with. Banks have prepayment charges and the interest rates are high! Your need is important to you, but not at the price that the bank requires. It sounds like a low interest rate personal loans is what you need

Some of your reasons may be:

A class you want to take that will insure you will be able to keep your job and move up into a higher position.

Your parents have a special anniversary coming up and they have always done so much for you. Now you wish to do something special for them.

While your car is still running, it is becoming more expensive to keep it in good condition. You wish to get a new car that gets much better gas mileage.

What would you have to present to i-lend to get started on your loan?

You have heard they keep it simple. You do need to be a resident of India and be over 21 years of age. Besides proof of identity, you need to be able to show a source of steady income, as well as proof of a valid bank account. I-lend has a chart that lists this information in detail here.

What are some good points to remember when creating your listing?

You must make sure you fill out all areas of your listing page. A lender may become interested in you if you share information about yourself, about your job, achievements in the past. Tell them some information about your education. Let them know you have savings and a good credit history. If you make your answers public, they will feel you are a real person who appreciates their help. Any sort of video or photos will add to your appeal to lenders. Creating a good listing page is critical. You can look at it almost as if you were applying for a job. Honesty, openness and sharing of information that will show them you are a good person to lend to.

When you start communicating with a lender, extend yourself in friendship. You will be interacting with them regularly while setting up the particulars of your loan. The whole procedure is open and transparent. It is not done behind closed doors. Your presentation and timely communication with the lender will be most valuable when it comes to that individual deciding they will give you that loan. After the loan is granted, remain in touch with them. This will give them assurance that you are reliable.

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