Easy personal loans offered to residents of India

Personal loans could not get easier. The criteria is simple and straightforward.

If you are a resident of India, have proof of income, proof of who you are and have a bank account you can apply for a loan with i-lend today.

You may ask “how does this work”? Firstly lenders offer amounts they are willing to lend and the investor determines an interest rate they are willing to lend at.

As a borrower you can either wait to be chosen by a lender or contact lenders yourself.

How you are chosen by a lender is up to you. Tell the lender why you are borrowing the money. Give all the details you can, including amount, interest rate, duration of the loan you are requiring. Also, let the lender know all the details about the “why” of the loan. Is it for a wedding? Send a video of you and your fiancé; perhaps telling the lender how you met, why your marriage will succeed or any other details you want to include. Or perhaps you need money to continue your education. Let the lender know what you will earn your degree in. Why you would be a good candidate to complete your education. Be creative and make it fun.

At this point you can wait for lenders to approach you. You can always go to the list of lenders and ask them directly.

Once you have received loan offers upto 50% of the loan amount requested the next step is to close your loan. You do not have to worry about hidden costs at i-lend. You will completely understand the terms of your loan before you close your loan.

Wow! You’re done and all that is left is the repayment process. If you wish, you  may repay your loan early without any prepayment penalties.

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