Importance of a good borrower profile

The Borrower’s Story

When it comes to taking a loan, a borrower has multiple options available - Banks, financial institutes, chit funds, credit cards, money lenders etc. Though as easy as it might sound, procuring a loan can be a tedious task. Given the stringent rules laid down by every institution, a borrower seldom gets the freedom to choose and is rather forced to go with the available option. Some of the set eligibility criteria for borrowers include, working with reputed organizations, work experience, requirement of a guarantor etc.

To add on to this, the borrowers credit scores are also taken into account. The CIBIL credit score is important for any financial institution to measure the creditworthiness of a borrower. Also, with most banks offering a minimum loan amount, it becomes all the more difficult for borrowers to avail quick loans at a lesser rate.

The option of P2P Lending

In a situation where very few workable options are open for a borrower, peer-to-peer lending can be of great help. P2P lending is a social lending platform that enables borrowers to get a loan from individuals who are willing to lend. As there is no fixed loan amount set, P2P lending allows borrowers to get small loans at much lesser rates compared to banks and other financial institutions. Online P2P lending platforms have enabled easy borrowing and lending by instantly connecting both the parties. With the ability to directly converse with each other, both the parties can negotiate terms which are mutually beneficial.

Peer-to-peer lending is all about trust and feasibility. While a borrower looks for easy loans, an investor looks for a reliable investment option. Thus lenders prefer creditworthy borrowers who are willing to pay back and have the ability to do so. While willingness to pay is indicated by the past credit behavior of the borrower, including timely payment of instalments; ability to pay is determined through affordability and gauged through the income–expenditure ratio of the borrower. The creditworthiness of a borrower can be rightly determined, only when his/her profile is complete with information.

Good borrower profile – for ensured loans!

P2P lending platforms enable borrowers to share important details through their profiles. Thus it is critical for borrowers to maintain a complete and updated profile in the lending sites. As lenders have multiple options when it comes to lending, they always select borrowers with detailed information. After all, every investor needs to be 100% sure about the background of the borrower, before lending.

Here are some tips which can help borrowers create a strong profile:

  • Additional information can act as a boon, for investors look for as much details as possible, before investing
  • Sharing personal details make a profile authentic and genuine. Share useful information like:
    • purpose of loan
    • educational qualification
    • family background
    • employment details
  • Also, adding a profile photo can be helpful, for it adds a personal touch to the profile
  • Borrowers can also share their social portfolio links, enabling investors to run a check before investing


A strong profile, with adequate details and the borrower is sure enough to avail quick loans through P2P lending.


Though a borrower has myriad choices when it comes to applying for a loan, P2P lending comes handy when quick and easy loan is required. Enabling direct interaction between the lender and the borrower, the platform helps both the parties to strike a mutually beneficial deal. A leader in P2P lending, i-lend helps borrowers with quick loans and investors with reliable investment options. i-lend follows a strict background check and allows creditworthy borrowers only, to avail a loan. Thus creating a strong borrowers portfolio with valid details, heightens the chance of getting quick loans.