Group Leaders – Roles & Responsibilities

As the leader of your group on i-lend, you will be responsible for the following:

1.Maintaining your group Page:

A group page allows you to communicate about your groups’ purpose, identity and the primary reason for coming together on i-lend. As a group leader it is important that you ensure the group page gives complete details about your group such as

    1. Group Type: This defines the category of the group i.e. sports / recreation, professionals, community alumni etc. This helps when a member is searching for a particular group.
    2. Group identity (logo/ picture): Unique logo / picture that defines the group. Please use unregistered photos on the site. In case of any photos that violate the trademark of the image, i-lend will remove the same from the site.
    3. Group Name: The group name should be unique and define the group such that members understand the purpose of the group. Any obscene/ unacceptable name will result in the closure of the group and suspension of the group leaders’ account on i-lend.
    4. Purpose of the Group: One line explaining in brief about the group. Inappropriate / abusive/ obscene text will result in the group closure and suspension of the group leaders’ account on i-lend
    5. Group Description: A short description of the group’s goals / objective. Inappropriate / abusive/ obscene text will result in the group closure and suspension of the group leaders’ account on i-lend

It is essential that you mention as much details as possible to attract right kind of borrowers and lenders to your group.

2.Group Membership

i-lend groups can have 2 types of memberships: Open or by invitation. Open groups allows any member to join the group while “By Invitation” groups allow you to select / approve only those members which you think are appropriate for your group.
Choosing right borrowers / lenders to your group is important because your group performance is affected by this. Please read more on group performance in the next point.

3.Group Performance

The group performance is reflected through various parameters including total member loans outstanding, default amount of members, % defaults, amount repaid among others. These details are calculated by the system. However, these details are calculated only for the members of the group.
Poor performance of the group will result in fewer lenders offering loans to the group members. Hence group leaders must be careful in selecting the members of their group.

4.Leaving Group

A group leader can leave a group only after he has selected another member from the group as the Group leader.