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Bikshapathi Padala

I've lent through i-lend and I think it is a win-win for everyone involved and recommend it to my friends. What I like most is that I am helping people out and making more returns on my money!!

Prasad Yalavarthi V S

i-lend offers innovative solution to both investors and borrowers. The process is very transparent and simple. They have also made the process of investment decision very simple by offering easy to understand information about borrowers. I make my own investment decisions easily.

Sitaram Gupta

I had lent some amount through i-lend. I am receiving the EMI for the last two months without any delay. I hope more and more people will come forward to make use of this wonderful new concept - peer to peer lending for better return on their investment and to get loans at reasonable rates.

Aravind Kumar Tadiparthi

I like the idea of helping someone in financial need while at the same time make some money as well!"

Bhargavi Karlapudi

It is just not about higher returns on investment but assured returns is what makes me to prefer I-lend for my investments. So many friends ask me to lend money and I find it difficult to ask them for interest or to ask to return the amount back.